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I’m Kathleen and I guess you could say that organizing has always been fun for me, especially doing it for others!  In the past I worked as a pediatric nurse in both neonatal and pediatric intensive care units where being organized, serving others and communication was paramount.  I then went on to be a pediatric nurse practitioner in neurosurgery.  As a working mom, I learned how being organized and minimizing clutter in both the workplace and home brings about significant increases in productivity, peace of mind and also decreases anxiety and stress.  I have two children, one in college and one in middle school and have always had a gaggle of friends in and out of most rooms in my house.  Without the proper systems in place, kids can lead to disorganization and a feeling of general chaos instead of the joy that we all want to experience in our families and homes.  I love seeing the difference that some simple changes can bring about in people’s lives.  


Hi there!

I’m Lara, degreed in Psychology and blessed to have stayed home raising four great children. As a mom, I have learned patience, empathy, compassion, and respect for different opinions and personalities. I use these skills everyday interacting with clients.  I love to listen, learn, and grow.  As a life long volunteer and leader, service is my calling and I find great pleasure in helping others. Though innately tidy and a minimalist at heart, I see beauty in collectors and eclectics as well.  I am enthusiastic about downsizing and living simply, but also understand how possessions evoke memories and spark joy.  Not everything should be discarded. There is peace, productivity, and energy in organized living and I love the organizing process.  I want life to run smoothly when possible for everyone.

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