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See the Beauty

I often find clients are embarrassed by their clutter. Sometimes they apologized over and over again. Apologies are completely unnecessary but I try to be reassuring and understanding of the outside world's pressure to be picture perfect. But when I see a cluttered room I often see the beauty of that person. Did she save her grandmothers tea set with a few broken dishes because she wants to be connected with the past? Did he keep saving this child's artwork even when it’s the same butterfly over and over again? He must love his little one so much and want to remember this time when she is small. It won't ever return. Did she have boxes that were labeled because deep down she likes organization and wants that peace? One of my favorite generations is my parents' who repurposed everything and wasted nothing. I see so much beauty in everyone but I have to remember to speak up and say so. We are all in this together and I think we should support each other in every way that we can.

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