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We're A Lot Alike

When I was helping my mom clean out the garage after my father passed away I found almost 5 caulk guns. A few weeks later my brother was looking for one over at my moms to caulk a window for her and I told him “nope, they’re all gone. I got rid of them” but he went down to the garage and found another one! And my mom told me what I knew to be true, that whenever my father needed a tool, rather than waste too much time looking for it in his workspace (all over the garage), he would just go buy a new one. I, also, found 9 hammers, dozens of screw drivers, and 4 sledgehammers! Pops was a brilliant architect. He designed and built the marvelous house I grew up in and there was always something being improved in our home. Years ago, at his funeral I commented that he was probably building us a fabulous mansion up in heaven and one of my siblings chimed in “it won’t be finished, though.” That day in the garage, I came across several toolboxes (Ok, not actually several toolboxes but many) and I saw one was labeled WRENCHES. What?! One was labeled AUTO TOOLS and another read ELEC! I smiled and thought to myself here is Pops‘s attempt at organization. Well, Pops couldn’t have given me my tidy gene for sure and he didn’t mean our organizing habits when he told me “we’re a lot alike.” But that is still my all time favorite compliment. In all other ways, I hope I am always a lot like Pops. I miss him.


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